Alicia Martín


Alicia Martín crea un meteorito

Format: 29 x 29 cm
Number of pages: 84
Bound in cloth with jacket
Edition not for sale

Alicia Martín is an artist whose works share a common element that fills them with strength and personality: Books. Cascading books that explode from windows, floors that crack open, with hundreds of volumes gushing out of them, photographs mounted on methacrylate that portray copies arranged on bookshelves, or falling chaotically, perfectly round balls made of tens of volumes.

Alicia expresses her editorial world in sculptures, photography, plaster, video and drawings that are always highly acclaimed. But she had never worked in bronze before.

And this was precisely the challenge that Fundación Azcona placed before her: To create a piece with the utmost creative freedom, from which a bronze mould and an edition of 20 copies would be made. Following the same premises of freedom, Alicia would also manipulate each of the sculptures. The outcome was not 20, but rather 25 pieces, 20 bronze balls from which books would protrude, and another 5 large-scale balls. Alicia's discovery of bronze, the work process and manipulation of each piece, as well as the final results, were documented in an extensive photo feature that was made into a book edition of 100 copies that, despite the fact that they were not for sale, bear the same standards of excellence in quality, design, layout and printing as the rest of the publications by Fundación Azcona.

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