Marta Azcona


Cuarto de coco

Author: Marta Azcona

"Cuarto de coco is a love letter, sweet and beautiful, written from the bottom of the heart. It’s more like a personal diary recalling the adolescent years in Pérez de la Sala's house, with the protagonists and family members as ghosts of yonder years. Marta Azcona has written an intimate outburst with generous, positive eyes that have defined her own life. It is, in sum, the sensitive memory -in no means sentimental- of the smiling adolescence of a cheeky schoolgirl who swiped chocolate from the family pantry and played Parcheesi, played the piano, laughed at everything and looked at life with the innocent and pure eyes of a happy girl."

Ladislao Azcona, from the foreword.

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