Juana M.ª Azcona


Juana Mª Azcona
Delicatessen!! Las recetas de Juana

"My mother left us on December 14, 2019. Without making any sound, without disturbing, without a mere complain. It was an unexpected and sudden transit that struck our family so hard and in such a painful way that none of her children, grandchildren, or family members who loved her so deeply were prepared for. When she passed away, all seven brothers and sisters stared at each other incredulous, in silence (…)This is not her cookbook. It is a compendium of recipes scribbled down quickly on a scrap piece of paper on the kitchen table of our family home in Pérez de la Sala, or to help her daughter Toya during her first steps as a housewife. If we were to try and make our mother’s recipes, they will surely come out so-so... But here we are, cooking that love which we were brought up with, those aromas, the childhood memories, the everyday smells and the tender emotions of our large and bonded family, which we are so grateful to thank to this unforgettable cook."

Ladislao Azcona, from the foreword.

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