Ladislao de Arriba


Desmemorias y miedos confesables

Author: Ladislao de Arriba

"This small book is a homage to the memory of Ladislao de Arriba (Gijón 1924-Madrid 2015). A singular character, an ironic writer, a bohemian, a brilliant conversationalist, a never-hurting critic, a torrential friend who cultivated the art of dialectics full of wit around a well-stocked table. He enjoyed eating, drinking, in an eternal conversation, with heterogeneous colleagues. He could not stand fools or dogmatists. Among his fraternal friends who wept bitterly on the day of his death, there were intellectuals and janitors. What a character. [...] This new compendium of unpublished texts will allow us to understand, and to love, the torrential and unique character that was my father. Here’s to you, General!"

Ladislao Azcona, from the foreword.

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