Juan Azcona


Comentarios radiofónicos censurados (1955-1966)

La censura y la madre que la parió

Author: Juan Azcona

"The last two years of his life, knowing that [my father] enjoyed the task, I proposed to him to rescue unpublished articles, unpublished lectures and conferences, unfinished texts, his disorderly and long literary life, written in a stumbling, sometimes just for a vital sake. So we both started to recover texts, some so picturesque that I can not resist to hide, drafts of talks, notes for a conference, ideas for a book. We are a family with a Diogenes syndrome. Diving into cardboard boxes or folders with elastic bands, we can find wonderful things (obviously which we are only interested in ourselves) but we feel we have the obligation to preserve."

Ladislao Azcona, from the foreword.

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