Martín Chirino. Enciclopedia Chirino


Martín Chirino. Enciclopedia Chirino

Format: 29 x 29 cm
Number of pages: 157
Year: 2021

This is the first monograph of the cycle known as “Afrocán”. Following ‘Reinas Negras’, the latest volume in the project is authored by Antonio Manuel González. In the early 70’s, Martín Chirino (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1925-Madrid, 2019) took part in the drafting of the 'El Hierro Manifesto' and also signed the 'Afrocán Document', both dated 1976, a few years after developing his sculpture titled 'Oölogy-el Afrocán' (1973), which lays the foundations for this series of oval-shaped works encircled in spirals, that ancestral symbol of aboriginal Canary culture.

Indeed, the works in the 'Afrocán’ series represent Chirino’s commitment to himself, his landscape and his era, while also forging a space for communication between the Canary Islands and the African continent.

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